Choose morning or afternoon for your cookery lesson which will be in a purpose built cookery school in Lecce and learn to prepare and cook typical Pugliese dishes from scratch. 

The lesson will begin with a walk to the fruit and vegetable market to choose and buy fresh seasonal vegetables, meat from the local butcher and all the other ingredients needed for your cuisine class. At the market you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about fruit, vegetables and cheeses that you may see that are particular to Puglia such as cocomeri, cime di rape and giuncata.

After leaving the market you will make your way to the cookery school making a quick stop at a coffee bar to savour a real Italian espresso and then on to a local wine merchant to choose the the wines appropriate for the meal to be cooked. Once at the school it will be a hands on experience in which you will make fresh pasta and prepare at least three three other dishes, usually, but not always, a seasonal vegetable, meat and dessert dish. When all the dishes have been cooked the lesson culminates at the dining table, either al fresco style in the private garden, or in the dining room, where you sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Other complementary dishes, water, wine, coffee and liqueur will also be served.

The lessons are restricted to small groups with each participant having their own individual preparation area. All the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare the dishes will be provided by the school. 

Additionally as each bottle of wine is opened you will be shown what to look for when tasting wine and recognise its characteristics. The lesson can also be combined with a wine tasting at a local vineyard.

After your meal you may want to take a siesta at your accomodation, which will be in the historical centre, and when refreshed explore the beautiful town of Lecce.