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Beaches and Lidos

With more than 700km of coastline along the beaches in Puglia which are found along the Adriatic and Ionian seas Puglia there is no shortage of beautiful beaches to visit, from tiny coves to large expanses of gently sloping sand, backed by dunes or pines and olive trees to commercialised areas with everything available from loungers, bars, restaurants through to water sports.

The choice is yours, drive down to the nearest local beach or travel a few miles up the road for that hidden gem where you might be the only person. Remember that unlike Britain, there are many private beaches (lidos) in Puglia that offer covered parking, sun loungers, umbrellas, restaurants, bars, etc. for a small fee. However as much of Puglia's beaches are not commercialised there are many quiet beaches to be discovered. 

The sea temperature is generally warm and can reach up to 26 degrees in August but is still over 20 degrees in October.

Be aware that beaches can be very crowded at weekends, particularly on Sundays