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Personal Wine Tasting

Over the last few years, the viticultural revolution in the Puglia region, has seen a marked shift in wine production from quantity to quality with many producers now transforming bulk wines into high-quality ones. There are so many fantastic wines to try but if you're unsure what to try let us know your tastes and we can purchase a suitable selection of wines on your behalf.  Please contact us for more information.


Negroamaro which means Negroamaro means "black bitter" in Italian are a dark-skinned, tannic variety grown on the Salento peninsula and used in DOCs Salice Salentino (where they're often blended with Malvasia Nera) and Brindisi. This grape is typically used for making rosés.

Primitivo Primitivo is the same grape as California Zinfandel. The name means "early ripening" as the grapes are harvested in early August.  

Nero di Troia also known as Uva di Troia, is a black skinned late-ripening variety grape and because of its relatively high astringency is often used in red blends.


Although red wines make up the majority of production in the area, there are some fantastic white wines from the region as well.  

Verdeca is a white grape grown almost exclusively in Puglia but is slowly falling out of favor in the wine world.  It is a very neutral flavored grape and very easy drinking with notes of citrus, pineapple, and bergamot.

Bombino Bianco is an easy growing, resistant grape varietal with high yields.  Though typically blended with red grapes or used in sparkling wines, Bombino Bianco can be found in still wines on its own.  Unlike many wine varieties, it is also used to make raisins.